Trump’s former defense secretary calls him a ‘threat to democracy’

<div>Trump's former defense secretary calls him a 'threat to democracy'</div>

Former Trump Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Tuesday labeled his former boss a “threat to democracy.”

During an interview on CNN, Esper reiterated his belief that Trump should never again be presidency of the United States and he presented the former president not merely as temperamentally unqualified but as a danger to the American republic itself.

“I have been on the record multiple times and I don’t think he should be president,” said Esper. “I don’t think he is qualified. I think he is a threat to democracy.”

Esper went on to make the argument that there were plenty of other candidates in the GOP field — including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley — whom he could support for president and whom he said were capable of defeating President Joe Biden.

Later in the interview, Esper elaborated on his fears over a second Trump term, zeroing in on his vows to take retribution against people whom he believes have wronged him.

“It’s retribution not just against political opponents but he’s going to go after institutions in our democracy,” he said. “That’s a threat to the republic, in my mind, and certainly it’s eroding our political culture… when you’re running on an agenda of retribution and revenge, that’s not uplifting.”

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Trump’s former defense secretary calls him a ‘threat to democracy’