Ex-Trump press secretary slams former boss for using 2024 race to ‘spin legal troubles’

<div>Ex-Trump press secretary slams former boss for using 2024 race to 'spin legal troubles'</div>

A former deputy press secretary in President Donald Trump’s administration is speaking out against her former boss and what she says was his role in sparking the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

In an interview with Cleveland, Ohio radio station WKYC, Sarah Matthews talked about her experience being a member of the Trump administration on Jan. 6 and her subsequent testimony to Congress.

Matthews said she believes the only reason Trump is running in 2024 is to “spin all of these legal troubles that he knew were going to catch up to him.”

“He could spin it as these are politically motivated and then say that it’s a violation of his freedom of speech because he should be allowed to campaign and talk about these things with voters that he’s trying to court,” she said.

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According to Matthews, Trump facing off against Joe Biden again in 2024 would be “the rematch from hell.”

“No one wants to have these two old men running against each other again,” she said. “I mean, look, Biden is 80, Trump is 77. And I can’t believe that we’re having this rematch. And I think that there are better options on both sides for people.”

In her testimony to Congress, Matthews said she had to convey that, “There were people who were higher ranking than me at the White House who knew way more than I did, but were too scared of Donald Trump or too concerned with their own ambition and job prospects to come forward and tell the truth.”

“I just think that any normal, sane person would have come forward after witnessing the events of January 6th and shared what they knew,” she said. “But I guess that’s Washington for you. More people are concerned with their own jobs and ambition.”

Read her full interview over at WKYC.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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