Christian nationalists party at Mar-a-Lago and warn of God’s wrath if Trump loses again

<div>Christian nationalists party at Mar-a-Lago and warn of God's wrath if Trump loses again</div>

A group of Christian nationalists who believe that their religious faith should have dominion over the American government spent time partying at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort as they openly fantasized of returning to power and crushing their foes, according to a report.

Rolling Stone wrote that notorious theocrat Lance Wallnau and MAGA pastor Jim Garlow were guests at a Mar-a-Lago gathering, held by the America First Policy Institute, at which plans to create a theocracy in the United States were discussed.

“We don’t just ‘preach Jesus,'” said Garlow, according to Rolling Stone. “We preach what Jesus preached. He preached the Kingdom… What’s the King over? Everything. Everything. Including the governmental and political realm.”

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And these ambitious Christian nationalists believe that they have found their true champion in Trump, who currently faces 91 different criminal charges including fraud charges related to hush money payments he made to an adult film star, Rolling Stone reported.

In fact, Wallnau was so enthused by the prospect of a second Trump presidency that he believed a victory for the GOP front-runner would be a sign of divine blessing.

“I swear, if God wants to have mercy on America, this guy will have four more years!” he gushed.

Things turned a little darker when Wallnau contemplated the consequences of another Trump defeat in 2024, which he said would evoke God’s wrath, while adding that, “The sheer stupidity of the leadership decisions that are happening is a form of judgment.”