Trump allies launch Fani Willis smear campaign despite fellow GOPers’ warnings: report

<div>Trump allies launch Fani Willis smear campaign despite fellow GOPers' warnings: report</div>

Donald Trump’s allies have begun a smear campaign against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis despite dire warnings from fellow Republicans, according to a new report.

Several Georgia conservatives have begun badmouthing Willis, the prosecutor leading the charge against Trump in the state’s election racketeering case, at conservative events raising funds to cover co-defendants’ legal fees, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

At a recent event, David Shafer, a Trump elector and RICO case co-defendant, called the 2020 election a “dumpster fire” and GOP chair Josh McKoon accused Willis of “election interference.”

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“Why did she wait until August?” McKoon reportedly said. “It’s so she can drag this out in the middle of the election … That’s election interference.”

For her part, Willis admits to a sole motivation behind her August indictment.

“This is the law,” Willis said at last week’s Washington Post forum. “And the facts show you violated the law.”

The verbal grenades lobbed Willis’s way come despite warnings from Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and House Speaker Jon Burns, two powerful Republicans in the state.

Kemp said he won’t tolerate Republicans “engaging in political theater that only inflames the emotions of the moment,” according to the report.

And experts say Kemp has a slew of Georgia Republican backers equally fed up with “Trumpian high jinks.”

“They know that if they went after her, there would be national press berating them as being a bunch of far-right nuts,” former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes (D) told the New York Times. “That’s the last thing they want to do.”

The Atlantic Journal-Constitution notes a reason beyond politics why Shafer might consider toning down his rhetoric: a $75,000 bond that bans him from obstructing justice.

Willis has proven more than ready to jump on any violations of this bond, as co-defendant Harrison Floyd found out last week when the Fulton County District Attorney moved to his revoked.

Floyd could return to jail if a judge this week deems his comments about the case violated that bond.