GOP Senator Pushes Debunked J6 Conspiracy Theory On Twitter

We all knew this would happen after GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson decided to release over 40,000 hours of security footage from the January 6th insurrection:

A Republican-led House committee on Friday began posting internal video from the Jan. 6 riot to a public website, with House Speaker Mike Johnson vowing to make the footage “available to all Americans.”

“Today, we will begin immediately posting video on a public website and move as quickly as possible to add to the website nearly all of the footage, more than 40,000 hours,” Johnson, R-La., said in a statement. […]

The panel began by posting 90 hours of security video that had already been released to media outlets.

Rep. Joe Morelle, the top Democrat on the House Administration Committee, blasted Friday’s release of the footage.

“It is unconscionable that one of Speaker Johnson’s first official acts as steward of the institution is to endanger his colleagues, staff, visitors, and our country by allowing virtually unfettered access to sensitive Capitol security footage,” Morelle said in a statement. “That he is doing so over the strenuous objections of the security professionals within the Capitol Police is outrageous.”

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