Fox News host praises ‘slave owners’ because ‘we don’t have a country’ without them

<div>Fox News host praises 'slave owners' because 'we don't have a country' without them</div>

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade praised “slave owners” because he said the United States of America would not exist without them.

Kilmeade made the remarks on The Charlie Kirk Show on Monday while promoting his book about Booker T. Washington and President Theodore Roosevelt.

“But for the most part, we are a country that was born, like every other country, every continent had slaves,” Kilmeade said. “In the South, most houses, most plantations had slaves. Nobody condones it. But without those slave owners, we don’t have a country. So you make your choice.”

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The Fox News host said he was on “a mission to win the war on history.”

“Because the 1619 Project was the formal first salvo,” he claimed. “I mean, I’m older than you, and in 1976, I was in grade school, and they launched this thing called Roots, the most successful miniseries ever, averaged 60 million a night. It was the story of slavery and all its brutality.”

“Nobody was ever ducking our past,” Kilmeade insisted. “I don’t know what people were talking about. And no one ever said, oh, segregation, not that bad. Slavery, well, it happens.”

Watch the video below from Real America’s Voice.