Fox Finds Another Excuse To Fearmonger Over COVID Vaccines

Republicans forced the military to rescinded their COVID vaccine mandate in the defense appropriations bill that passed last year. Now the talking heads over on Fox & Friends want them to apologize for it as well.

The yakkers on Fox have been doing their best to make sure as many members of their audience as humanly possible wind up getting COVID for years now. Nothing has changed in that regard other than the fact that they’ve gotten even more self-righteous and obnoxious about it.

As Politico reported: Pentagon mulls back pay for troops kicked out over Covid vaccine mandate:

The Pentagon is considering providing back pay to former service members who were discharged for refusing to get the Covid-19 vaccine, now that the mandate has been repealed, according to a spokesperson.

The Defense Department formally rescinded the mandate in a memo from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday, after lawmakers directed the Pentagon to do so in the annual defense policy bill that passed into law in December. The military had already stopped discharging troops who refused the shot.

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