Co-defendant cites Trump’s social media posts in effort to stop bond being revoked

<div>Co-defendant cites Trump's social media posts in effort to stop bond being revoked</div>

Harrison Floyd, a co-defendant in Donald Trump’s Georgia election subversion case, fired back on Monday after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis asked a judge to revoke his bond.

In a Fulton County Superior Court filing, Floyd accused Willis of wanting his bond revoked as a “retaliatory measure.” The document was obtained by The Messenger.

Floyd is accused of attempted witness intimidation and other violations of his bond agreement. He has participated in right-wing media circles following his arrest.

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“Instead of tackling the motion head on, the State cherry picks several of Mr. Floyd’s recent social media posts on his ‘X’ (Twitter) account and then unfairly recast those postings to fit the State’s theme of witness intimidation,” Floyd’s motion said.

The filing insisted that he “neither threatened or intimidated anyone” and asked why Trump had not received the same treatment.

“It is also worth noting that President Trump’s bond order specifically mentions social media as part of the bond conditions. A review of President Trump’s social media posts make the State’s decision to go after Harrison Floyd hard to justify,” the attorneys wrote.

“Mr. Floyd’s political posts occurred in a public forum with a staggering 528.3 million monthly active users worldwide, 94 million of whom reside in the United States,” the document added.

Floyd, the former leader of “Black Voices for Trump,” argued that his social media posts did not cross the line.