Letitia James releases list of her potential fraud trial witnesses — Trump and his heirs are on it

Letitia James releases list of her potential fraud trial witnesses — Trump and his heirs are on it

Law & Crime’s Adam Klasfeld posted the list of witnesses that New York Attorney General Letitia James might call during the October fraud trial of the Trump Organization.

On it is Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump. Also listed is Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen and former CFO Allen Weisselberg. In Jan. 2023, Weisselberg was sentenced to five months in New York City’s Rikers Island jail after pleading guilty to 15 felonies.

He was required to testify in the Trump Organization trial as part of the agreement.

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Legal analyst and MSNBC host Katie Phang, during a Nov. 22, 2022 show, said that Weisselberg was supposed to testify truthfully – but she said that there was evidence to believe he didn’t.

When Weisselberg was testifying before the court, he claimed that the only person who scored tax-free deals from the Trump companies was him.

“That’s a blatant lie,” said Cohen when speaking to Phang at the time. “First of all, how is it that the Trump Organization was not benefitting? How is it Donald Trump — it’s his company. Any benefit that comes to the Trump Organization is realized by Donald. He’s the single and only shareholder in the company.”

The judge in the case has already entered a partial summary judgment that found Trump fraudulently manipulated the value of his assets in order to secure loans.

The New York Times wrote: “[Judge Arthur] Engoron’s decision narrows the issues that will be heard, effectively deciding that the trial was not necessary to find that Mr. Trump was liable and that the core of Ms. James’s case was valid. It represents a major blow to Mr. Trump, whose lawyers had sought to persuade the judge to throw out many of the claims against the former president.”

After that ruling was passed down, Trump’s lawyers have suggested there is no point in the trial, which is intended to settle “issues remaining.”

The list doesn’t mean that those will be called, only that they might call those individuals.