Trump will get ‘sick to his stomach’ thinking about witness flipped by Jack Smith: Chris Christie

<div>Trump will get 'sick to his stomach' thinking about witness flipped by Jack Smith: Chris Christie</div>

Donald Trump has been paying for the lawyers of the employees who witnessed his decisions surrounding the top-secret documents he kept at Mar-a-Lago — until recently when one of those witnesses fired their lawyer and got a public defender instead.

What’s more, that employee has now made a deal with the Justice Department in exchange for testimony against Trump.

Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash on Thursday, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, himself a former prosecutor, said that Trump will likely spend his life agonizing over what he told the witness.

Last month, it was revealed that IT specialist Yuscil Taveras, also known as “Trump Employee 4,” had obtained new counsel. Legal experts anticipate that this was an indication he flipped on Trump, with expectations that others would follow. By this week, it was confirmed. There is now information revealing that a Trump-funded lawyer is no longer representing other clients in the matter as well.

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Christie suspects that the former president won’t be able to stop thinking about those he perceived were loyal to him refusing to take the fall.

“Two things will happen,” he began. “This man [Taveras] will be vilified, attacked, and savaged by Donald Trump publicly. And secondly, Donald Trump will lay in his bed at night staring at the ceiling trying to remember every conversation he had with this guy while he’s sick to his stomach.”

Christie predicted that this process would “repeat itself over and over and over again. It’s going to repeat itself in Georgia, with some of the co-defendants. And it may happen again in this matter. The federal matters that are pending with folks who are either indicted or unindicted coconspirators. So, this is what the Republican Party is facing. Drip, drip, drip on the guy who is the front-runner, which is why he cannot be the nominee. If he is the nominee, he will not beat Joe Biden.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

Trump will agonize over conversations he had with the Mar-a-Lago employee who flipped: Christie