‘Trump or Death’ message is going to kill ex-President’s chances of White House return: conservative

<div>'Trump or Death' message is going to kill ex-President's chances of White House return: conservative</div>

A conservative columnist said Thursday that the messaging behind Donald Trump’s most staunch supporters could sink the former president’s attempt to move back into the White House.
Michael Brendan Dougherty of the National Review wrote that the ‘Trump or Death” slogan adopted by his hardcore fans – most recently seen printed on a flag draped across the stands of Yankee Stadium Wednesday – typifies the extent to which the former president’s supporters don’t quite grasp Trump’s appeal in 2015, when concerns about immigration and terror attacks in Europe fueled anxieties won him independent voters.

Their turn to more extreme messaging will be a quick turn off to those same centrist voters, Dougherty argues.

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“Banners like this are going to alienate independent voters, remind them of Trump’s election denialism leading to January 6 and his general association with extremists,” he wrote.

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