‘Those people are out there’: Ex-FBI official warns Fani Willis about MAGA violence against jurors

<div>'Those people are out there': Ex-FBI official warns Fani Willis about MAGA violence against jurors</div>

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is detailing racist threats levied by Trump supporters and Russian trolls against not just her, but grand jurors in her case as well.

Speaking to CNN, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe outlined just how essential it is for Willis, who is overseeing a sweeping election racketeering case against Trump and 18 of his associates, to secure protections for jurors.

“What do you think of these awful, racist, horrible threats she’s getting, these emails, and she’s now asking the judge to make sure to protect the jurors?” asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

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“She’s doing the right thing,” said McCabe. “It’s absolutely horrible and somewhat expected under these circumstances. And the time is now for Fani Willis to take all the steps she thinks are necessary to make sure that her people and her grand jurors, who we know are identified through the system of the grand jury, are protected.”

“We know from the past that there is a small number, but a very serious number of supporters of the former president who are — who might be compelled to lead to violence and to express their support of him and their outrage over the way he’s being treated,” McCabe continued. “It’s not a huge number of people, not everybody whoever voted for the president. But those people are out there.”

“It’s law enforcement’s job to make sure that this system can go through to its lawful conclusion, and that the people who are charged with presenting cases in court as prosecutors or grand jurors are not victimized as a result of their participation,” added McCabe.

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Andrew McCabe says Fani Willis must protect jurors from threats