Purported ‘tough guy’ Trump fans are demanding their ‘feelings become our reality’: Morning Joe

<div>Purported 'tough guy' Trump fans are demanding their 'feelings become our reality': Morning Joe</div>

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough bashed Donald Trump’s fans for crudely mocking their opponents’ feelings while insisting everyone to tread lightly around their own emotions.

The “Morning Joe” host highlighted sharply critical comments Mike Pence made about the anti-democratic direction the Republican Party had been steered toward by Donald Trump, although he didn’t actually mention him by name, and Scarborough pointed out that was just a coping mechanism for the GOP’s inability to field candidates who voters like.

“You talk about the height of irony,” Scarborough said. “Republicans that I grew up with, conservatives that I grew up with said, ‘Oh, liberals are concerned about their feelings, they create their own realities.’ Well, that’s where we are now, right? What I found some interesting is when Mika [Brzezinski] and I were up in Maine in 2020, you actually saw boats with flags that said, I won’t say exactly what it said, but it said, ‘F- your feelings, Trump 2020,’ like they were the tough guys — forget your feelings, it doesn’t matter what you think. Trump is going to win 2020. So Trump loses, what do we hear? ‘You know what, his feelings, just give him some time to get used to this new reality, he’s not really ready to accept the fact that he lost — let’s just be patient.'”

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“An incredible thing happened — these so-called conservatives were suddenly the people who wanted us to believe their reality, who wanted us to believe their feelings,” Scarborough added. “Their feelings have become their reality. Suddenly, again, custom, Constitution, American institutions that have sustained this, whether you’re talking about the Justice Department or the United States military or America’s colleges and universities, the greatest in the world by far, suddenly, they all come under attack and … anything that doesn’t support the continued power grab by Trump and Trumpists is suspect and comes under attack. That’s not conservatism, that’s radicalism, and it’s why we are fighting to preserve American democracy right now.”

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