Jack Smith may have been able to get key info from Trump’s closest allies: Jan. 6 committee member

<div>Jack Smith may have been able to get key info from Trump's closest allies: Jan. 6 committee member</div>

A House Jan. 6 select committee member Thursday credited special counsel Jack Smith for obtaining evidence the committee couldn’t.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber” acknowledged the limitations of her committee but said Thursday’s conviction of Trump aide Peter Navarro shows that a “subpoena isn’t just a suggestion.”

“I do think this was an important prosecution,” she said. “And it does let people know that, you know, a subpoena isn’t just a suggestion. It’s a requirement.”

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Melber said the committee helped establish the groundwork for criminal prosecutions.

“When these committee investigations work, and you’ve been involved in more than one, they provide facts, and those facts can then be used to legislate, they can be used for the public to understand what’s going on. And in cases they can be used by prosecutors. It’s just not just me saying this. I think many legal experts have said that this bipartisan committee at which you remember, really did add to the factual record in a significant way,” he said.

“Well, we had a lot of information,” Lofgren said.

“We were stonewalled by some, but we dug in and we got people around the individuals who refused to testify and we outlined a wide ranging, multifaceted plot to overturn the election with the then-President Trump at the center of it.”

“Now since then, it looks like the Mr. Smith has found additional information that we couldn’t get, which, good for him. I mean, we did the best we could. I do think and I don’t know whether they have managed to wrest from Mr. Bannon the information that we think he had, as well as Mr. Navarro, as well as Roger Stone. There are things that we could not get and I think they’re worth review. We’ll see whether they stonewall the Department of Justice as well.”

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Jan 6 Committee member: it appears jack Smith has found information they we unable to get