‘It’s stupid’: Marjorie Taylor Greene gets straight talk from GOP strategist for ‘demanding’ Biden impeachment inquiry

<div>'It's stupid': Marjorie Taylor Greene gets straight talk from GOP strategist for 'demanding' Biden impeachment inquiry</div>

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says she is “demanding” a vote on an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, listing just a handful of Republican members of Congress who support the move. While the far-right Georgia Republican has been ramping up the pressure on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to approve an impeachment inquiry, longtime GOP strategist Susan Del Percio warns if Republicans try it, “it’s going to go very badly” for them.

“No evidence has surfaced,” The Messenger reports Thursday, “that shows President Biden received any of the funds that flowed to his son. And plenty of moderate and establishment Republicans worry impeachment will backfire on the party.”

“It’s stupid. It’s completely made up. They don’t have anything,” Republican strategist Susan Del Percio told The Messenger. “This is not about impeachment for cause. This is a political stunt. And I have a feeling it’s going to go very badly for Republicans.”

Two weeks ago Newsweek published a report titled: “Full List of Republicans Who Support Impeaching Biden.” It named less than one dozen House Republicans.

On Wednesday, Congresswoman Greene, who filed legislation to impeach President Biden on his first full day in office, posted video of her speaking to Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson on his YouTube show.

“I tell you what, Kevin McCarthy is a yes vote for an impeachment inquiry. Jim Jordan is a yes vote. James Comer, Jason Smith. Many, many Republicans are a yes vote for an impeachment inquiry right now,” Greene said. “And I’m going to argue that we will see we will see it put into action when we go back to Congress, possibly as early as next week.”

“I’m demanding it,” she told Johnson. “I’m so serious about this because I know the evidence is there, and I’m so disgusted and embarrassed for our country that we have such a corrupt president that we have allowed to remain in power and that they have colluded and conspired to cover up his crimes.”

“It is purely disgusting to me, and I will not tolerate it and that’s why I came out very boldly to it to my constituents at home at a town hall and I said I’m not voting to fund the government until we have an impeachment inquiry,” Greene continued, threatening to vote to shut down the federal government unless her demands are met.

Her other demands include not funding “the government for any kind of COVID mask vaccine mandates, future vaccines, COVID insanity, it’s a mental illness at this point,” Greene declared, as COVID cases rise.

She also said she would not “fund the government for Ukraine to further a war that’s just murdering people,” which she also alleged was “lining the pockets of Democrats.”

Ultimately, she declared, “I’m not going to vote to fund the weaponized government,” as she lashed out at Wednesday’s sentence of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in the January 6 insurrection. Greene said others who participated are being “persecuted.”

“It’s time for us to get serious and I’m telling you things are about to get real when we go back to Washington next week.”

Last month, USA Today reported, the House Oversight Committee, “said in [a] report that it plans to continue to investigate Biden to find evidence of corruption, even as it acknowledged that it had no evidence that he financially benefited from the myriad foreign business dealings of his son Hunter.”