‘Went unbearably crazy’: Trump targets ‘stone cold loser’ Ann Coulter in latest Truth Social rant

<div>'Went unbearably crazy': Trump targets 'stone cold loser' Ann Coulter in latest Truth Social rant</div>

Former President Donald Trump went after right-wing author and commentator Ann Coulter on his Truth Social platform on Wednesday, implying that she is bitter at not being given a prominent spot in MAGA social circles.

“Ann Coulter, the washed up political ‘pundit’ who predicted my win in 2016, then went unbearably crazy with her demands and wanting to be a part of everything, to the consternation of all, has gone hostile and angry with every bit of her very ‘nervous’ energy,” wrote Trump.

“Like many others, I just didn’t want her around – She wasn’t worth the trouble!”

He followed up with a second post saying, “Has been Ann Coulter is a Stone Cold Loser!!!”

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Coulter, a prolific writer of right-wing books who was a cheerleader for Republican administrations for decades, started off as a supporter of Trump when he first ran for president, even writing a book entitled “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!”

However, she became disillusioned with him, mainly over his failure to build his promised border wall, and grew increasingly critical of his administration while he was still in office.

Since Trump’s defeat, Coulter has soured on him even further, accusing him of grifting off his supporters, calling for him to be convicted in his criminal indictments, and saying that he is a “gigantic baby” who “can barely speak English.”

Coulter has even become increasingly frustrated with the Republican Party’s direction, lamenting that the GOP’s current push for extreme abortion bans is a political loser.