Trump campaign paid pollster hired by Wall Street Journal $600,000: records

Trump campaign paid pollster hired by Wall Street Journal 0,000: records

A polling firm working with the Wall Street Journal has also been on the payroll of former President Donald Trump and his 2024 campaign and received more than $600,000 from his campaign, legal analyst Allison Gill first reported.

Raw Story confirmed on the Federal Elections Commission website that, since the beginning of 2023, Fabrizio Lee & Associates has pocketed huge expenditures with the largest being $208,000 for “polling expenses and the least being $2,372.98 for “polling consultant expenses: travel.” There were two other expenditures over $100,000.

The website for the group openly declares its connections, boasting: “Fabrizio, Lee & Associates has worked directly on the campaigns or independent expenditure efforts that successfully elected 20 U.S. Senators and 9 Republican Governors. And we were honored to have the privilege to serve as Chief Pollsters for President Donald J. Trump’s Presidential campaigns.”

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Tony Fabrizio is a long-time Republican pollster and worked with Trump’s campaign in 2016, as well as recently. But the most recent poll from the Wall Street Journal lambasting President Joe Biden for being too old to run for president was also conducted by Tony Fabrizio, in conjunction with another pollster, Michael Bocian, who works with some Democratic candidates but not the Biden campaign.

Trump is just three years younger than Biden. Several Republican members of the U.S. Senate are older than Biden.

Fabrizio also did a poll for the WSJ that concluded Latino voters have abandoned the Democratic Party. Fabrizio was also listed on the Wall Street Journal CEO Council.

A screen capture of the disbursement page is below or at the link here.