George Conway reveals why ‘nihilist’ Republicans have turned ‘anti-American’

<div>George Conway reveals why 'nihilist' Republicans have turned 'anti-American'</div>

George Conway diagnosed the underlying problem that’s causing Republicans to undermine military readiness and attack law enforcement.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) continues to block military promotions to force the reversal of a Pentagon policy granting leave and travel expenses for military personnel stationed in states where they cannot obtain an abortion, but the conservative Conway told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” the political stunt was emblematic of the GOP’s attitude toward the U.S. government at large.

“They hate the United States military because it’s a part of the United States government,” Conway said. “This is basically, the Republicans have become anti-American, anti-government, anti-the United States. That’s their shtick now. That’s why they’re attacking the State Department, FBI, prosecutors, and they attack the institutions that normally Republicans were very, very supportive of — now, it’s just this nihilistic attack on American institutions.”

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“It springs s brings to mind the fact we live in a different era now,” Conway added. “The Senate rules that would allow one senator to block a unanimous consent agreement to have these batch nominations sent to the floor, I mean, all these arcane Senate rules we talk about, that we don’t really talk about, but it depends on the good faith of the members, of collegiality of the members. That’s one thing the Republican Party has completely abandoned, which is not just the truth but good faith and collegiality.”

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