Comer Launches More Evidence Free Attacks On Biden

More nonsense from GOP Oversight Chair James Comer trying to validate Trump and his talking points that supposedly evil Democrats are colluding to get him and pretending Trump has done nothing wrong to deserve being indicted.

Here’s Comer whining on Fox Business Network last week and asserting, without evidence, as always, that Biden has been colluding with prosecutors in both Fulton County and Manhattan:

MACDONALD: House Judiciary led by Chair Jim Jordan sent a letter to AG Garland asking why did special counsel — also it looks like you are on this letter and Ways and Means Chair Smith, why did, you know, special counsel Jack Smith’s top aide, Jay Bratt, meet repeatedly with the Biden White House before indictments were handed down and deliver and pushed through by Jack Smith? So what’s going on there? Final word.

COMER: We don’t know. There should be no reason for that special counsel’s office to meet with the White House. The only thing that that we can think of is they’re coordinating. We believe that the White House coordinated with Alvin Bragg. We believe they’re coordinating with Fani Willis. We believe all of this is coordination because the White House is in panic mode because the House Oversight Committee has found their corruption, the corruption dating back to his years as vice president.

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