Tucker’s Recycled Racist Whopper: Gay Obama A Crack Smoker

If you thought being outed as deliberately spreading disinformation about the 2020 election and deliberately endangering a loyal Fox viewer with more lies about Jan. 6 might have given Carlson any second thoughts about continuing to spread his dishonest poison, think again.

In fact, he admitted being a liar to Adam Carolla shortly before going on to promote the Obama lies. Carlson said, “It’s not that I lied intentionally before. I mean it, I didn’t. I didn’t. I never have been in favor of lying.” This is a lie in itself because lying is, by definition, the telling of an intentional falsehood.

In favor of lying or not, Carlson has very much been outed as a liar by the Dominion defamation lawsuit. It is also public information that he tried to get fired those who wouldn’t go along with his lies. In fact, I just caught him lying about his support for Russia on his own show, on Friday, two days after Carolla’s show was posted on YouTube.

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