‘The Trump brand just doesn’t work’: GOP governor blames Trump for losing school board members

<div>'The Trump brand just doesn't work': GOP governor blames Trump for losing school board members</div>

Republican New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu lashed out at former President Donald Trump after members of his party lost school board seats.

During a Sunday interview on
Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd observed that “Democrats are over-performing anywhere.”

“You’ve seen it in your home state, where some Democrats have won special elections that normally Republicans win,” Todd said. “Is this due to abortion? Is this due to Trump? What do you think it’s about?”

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“It’s about the former president more than anything,” Sununu replied. “And I can tell you, I’ve had school board members that, Republican school board members that have lost their seats because they felt like they had to constantly answer for being a Trump Republican and all of that. It’s a negative brand.”

“The Trump brand just doesn’t work,” he added. “It really doesn’t.”

Watch the video below from NBC or at the link.