Fox host dumbstruck when economist explains the public support for ‘Bidenomics’

<div>Fox host dumbstruck when economist explains the public support for 'Bidenomics'</div>

Fox host Shannon Bream was dumbstruck and unable to speak when the chairman of the Economic Advisers walked through the recent jobs report and the economic situation during his appearance.

Speaking Sunday, Jared Bernstein rattled off the poll numbers that show support for the policies being enacted by President Joe Biden.

In one example, he explained that 60 percent of Americans support capping insulin costs for seniors at $35 a month. In another, he said that 81 percent support Medicare negotiating drug prices to reduce the cost as other countries do. Another state explains that 77 percent support capping the “out-of-pocket” cost that Americans must pay for prescription drugs. So, no insurance company could only fund 30 percent of $2,000 for a particular drug.

A whopping 79 percent support tax incentives that support creating more manufacturing jobs. That means people are fine raising taxes if it means ensuring manufacturing can be reignited in the United States.

Bernstein explained that these are all things that have been passed and are in place today as a result of the work Joe Biden and lawmakers were able to pass before the 2022 election.

“These are the components of Bidenomics,” Bernstein said, using a far-right term that Republicans attempted to use to attack Democratic policies. “So, when someone tells you Americans don’t like Bidenomics, it’s false. Americans approve of the components above 80 percent. And that’s because these measures are helping do what President Biden has long sought to do in this economy: build it from the middle out and the bottom up.”

During the Republican debate, presidential candidates trashed “Bidenomics,” saying that it was hurting American families. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), claimed inflation was a Biden problem, despite the July numbers showing an unprecedented 3 percent drop.

Bernstein’s list is reminiscent of what was said about Obamacare when Republicans went on the attack against the law. In that case, Democratic pundits and strategists spliced out the law and listed off what it did, only to find overwhelming support for it. Polls showed that when the law was called Obamacare they hated it, but when it was referred to by the official name, the Affordable Care Act, they supported it. They’re the same law.

At one point, the Fox host was nodding along with what Bernstein said.

See the video below or at the link here.

Fox host dumbstruck when economist explains support for Biden economics