Trump’s ‘underlying conduct’ is ‘beneath the bar’ for an American president: Chris Christie

<div>Trump’s 'underlying conduct' is 'beneath the bar' for an American president: Chris Christie</div>

Former New Jersey governor and 2024 Republican presidential primary candidate Chris Christie swiped at Donald Trump on Saturday, telling MSNBC host Elise Jordan that the ex-commander-in-chief’s legal battles are lowering the standards that voters should have for a person seeking to get elected to lead the United States.

Noting that Trump holds commanding leads over his rivals, Jordan wondered, “How do you attack and still make headway in the polls?”

Christie replied that he views Trump’s frontrunner status as vulnerable due to the dozens of federal and state criminal charges that have been filed against the ex-commander-in-chief.

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“Well, at least look, I could tell you this,” Christie said. “I have not been in the race even three months yet, and we’ve gone from zero to fourteen percent in the latest poll in New Hampshire. Clearly in second place ahead of Ron DeSantis in fourth and Vivek Ramaswamy in third. And we’re now within twenty points of Donald Trump in New Hampshire. He’s only at thirty-four percent. And so you know what matters is the truth. And you could say, ‘I’m attacking Donald Trump,’ and I understand that’s the way some people would look at it. But what I’m doing is telling the truth about Donald Trump and I’m unafraid to do so.”

Christie continued, “And that’s why I didn’t raise my hand on the stage on Wednesday night” at the Republican National Committee’s first debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “because the minimum bar we should have for someone to be running for president of the United States is that they’re not indicted or convicted of felonies, let alone the underlying conduct that is in these — the classified documents case, the January 6th case — these are acts that are just beneath the office he held when he committed those acts when he was president. And the acts that he’s committed since he was president are well beneath the bar we should have for anybody who aspires to be president again.”

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