Fox Gives Ramaswamy A Pass On His Grifting

Republican candidate and grifter extraordinaire Vivek Ramaswamy made an appearance on Fox’s America Reports this Friday, and they manged to talk about anything and everything other than the fact that this guy is a massive fraud who pumped and dumped his way into millions hyping drugs that had already failed FDA tests, and instead grilled him on foreign policy:

Fox News anchor John Roberts pressed Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy over his views on defending Taiwan from China during an interview Friday.

Ramaswamy has isolated himself from the rest of the GOP primary field on a number of key policy issues, including not supporting continued aide for Ukraine in its war against Russia, and a radical proposal to cede territory taken by Russia in eastern Ukraine in exchange for Moscow ending its military alliance with China.

The tech entrepreneur’s views on Taiwan are another example of his unique agenda.

Roberts confronted Ramaswamy over his stance that America should only support Taiwan because it produces semiconductors.

“You’ve said that you’d fully back Taiwan until the U.S. becomes independent with semiconductors. So what happens after that point? Do we just give Taiwan to China,” Roberts asked.

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