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Americans are fed up with extremists, and reproductive rights for women are hugely popular. You know, because we are human beings and not breeding machines. The case of Gov. Glenn Youngkin is interesting. Election deniers lost elections. Youngkin tried to stay away from any talk of the 2020 election. So brave! He definitely is a closet-case anti-choice weirdo, though.

HuffPost reports:

Despite Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s attempt to appear moderate by calling for a 15-week abortion ban, the Republican governor is quietly funding anti-choice extremist lawmakers, many of whom have said they believe life begins at conception.

Spirit of Virginia, Youngkin’s political action committee previously known as Virginia Wins, donated nearly $100,000 to anti-choice down-ballot Republican candidates in the state so far this year, according to campaign finance records. The governor created the PAC in 2021 to support Republican candidates at every level of government. Youngkin, a former CEO of a global investment firm, was the sole contributor to the PAC when Spirit of Virginia first launched. He remains a major donor and was behind over $295,000 in donations in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

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