Defiant Arizona GOP vows ‘aggressive litigation’ if Trump is left off ballot

<div>Defiant Arizona GOP vows 'aggressive litigation' if Trump is left off ballot</div>

The idea that Donald Trump could somehow be left off the ballot in Arizona in 2024 has the local Republicans riled up.

The Arizona Republican Party sought to reassure its voters that such a thing wouldn’t happen on its watch. The dispute comes as legal professors debate whether the former president is barred from office for having participated in an insurrection.

If Democrats try to keep President Trump off the ballot, please know that the @AZGOP under Chairman @JeffDeWitAZ will engage in aggressive litigation to make sure that President Trump WILL APPEAR ON THE BALLOT IN ARIZONA,” the state party announced Friday. “We will not allow the Democrats to choose our candidates.”

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CPAC’s Mercedes Schlapp and failed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake reposted the quote in support.

Raw Story recently reported that, while there isn’t yet a mechanism to bar Trump from the ballot in Arizona, whether or not he will actually be on the ballot is still an “open question.”