Lindsey’s In A Tizzy And Wants A Change Of Venue For Trump

Any conviction of Trump in D.C. is “not legitimate,” intones a hypervenilating Lindsey Graham. “They’re charging him with the crime of taking bad legal advice. That’s what this is about, they’re trying to criminalize the attorney-client relationship. They’re trying to criminalize exercising of the First Amendment.”

He says Trump could be convicted of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby in D.C.

So now we know the Trump talking points: Can’t get a fair trial with the judge OR the venue, and it’s weaponizing free speech.

“We need to stop this crazy crap.”

And Sean Hannity, who talks out of both sides of his mouth (as the recent Dominion lawsuit proved), say he doesn’t believe Trump can get a fair trial in most venues.

What a bunch of snowflakes.

UPDATE: Scott McFarlane notes that every J6 defendant who has made this argument in DC court has failed, because the court knows DC has a million potential jurors out there:

Any “change-of-venue” motion by Donald Trump to move his criminal case outta Washington DC could be doomed….

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) August 3, 2023

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