Pence should have brought up Trump’s ‘unfitness’ right away: Ex-Trump staffer

<div>Pence should have brought up Trump's 'unfitness' right away: Ex-Trump staffer</div>

A former aide to Donald Trump said on Wednesday that her other previous boss, former vice president Mike Pence, was right to speak out about Trump’s rejection of the constitution — but that he should have done it much earlier.

Alyssa Farah Griffin during an appearance on CNN’s Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer was asked by host Wolf Blitzer about how Pence “is speaking more boldly against” Trump after tiptoeing around the issue for years. She gave credit where it was due, but insisted Pence should have spoken up sooner.

“Listen, wolf, I give tremendous credit to the former vice president for his strong and steadfast words he gave today and the statement he put out yesterday,” she said, noting that other candidates such as Will Hurd, Asa Hutchinson, Chris Christie, are “those in the race saying Donald Trump is unfit for office.”

“My concern is some of these criticisms came a bit too late,” she added. “I think if Mike Pence had been more firm from the outset and talked about the unfitness of Donald Trump, that’s something the field should have started litigating from the beginning.”

Griffin, who previously described the indictment as “really scary,” further said, “I worry voters are starting to rally around Donald Trump because the other candidates are not definitively telling him why he should not be the nominee.”

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