Jesse Watters Calls New Trump Indictments ‘Political War Crimes’

Watters may be a smirking a-hole, but he’s not stupid. And it’s pretty darned obvious he knew he was full of s**t as he first argued that a violent attack on our Capitol was no biggie that most people don’t care about. “Not everybody believes January 6th was Hiroshima,” he said. As if anything less than an atomic bomb is nothing to be concerned about. He claimed “a lot of people don’t even know what January 6th was” and that even those who do are “over it.”

As for the documents case, after falsely saying Biden and Trump did the same thing, Watters said, “Regular Americans on Main Street aren’t fussing over where the documents went. They really don’t care. It doesn’t affect them.”

I’m sure Watters knows damned well that stealing top secret documents and showing them off to people who have no security clearance and no business seeing them is not “fussing over where the documents went.” He certainly would not say that if Hillary Clinton or any Biden did such a thing.

Speaking of Joe Biden… What proved to me Watters knew he was full of crap was his attempt to suggest President Joe Biden is the real criminal: “If you find cash bribes that go into Biden’s offshore bank accounts, that’s going to light up the country,” he said. Big use of the word “if” there, buddy.

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