Fox & Friends In Quandary Over How Trump Got In Such A Pickle

Fox & Friends brought on a legal analyst who for once didn’t mock an indictment against Trump but called it very serious and explained what was going on at a level any 5th grader could grasp, though Brian Kilmeade still needed some pointers.

Source: Mediaite

Fox & Friends opened Tuesday’s show with legal analyst Elliot Felig who calmly explained why the fraud charges brought against Donald Trump are legitimate.

Prime time hosts on Fox News Tuesday night spent nearly all their time mocking the indictment for attacking Trump’s free speech and insisting that it was mostly just emblematic of what they call “two tiers of justice” and “election interference.” In other words, amplifying Trump’s rhetoric.

But Felig explained that this indictment was not about what Trump said or free speech but that it was about the alleged fraudulent effort to put forth fake electors to overturn the results of the 2020 election and ostensibly defrauding American voters as a result.

And what did he say, that is obvious to everyone else except for Fox News viewers?

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