Ex-White House staffer shames GOP ex-colleagues for ‘coordinated’ defense of Trump on Jan. 6 charges

<div>Ex-White House staffer shames GOP ex-colleagues for 'coordinated' defense of Trump on Jan. 6 charges</div>

Donald Trump has been indicted so many times now that one of his former aides noticed he’s getting better at responding to criminal charges.

“The View” co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who served as director of strategic communications in the Trump White House, said her former boss has developed a skill for handling the public relations around getting indicted, this time for trying to overturn his election loss, and she shamed some of her fellow Republicans for helping him manage the crisis.

“This is his third indictment, but his first from his time in office as a sitting president of the United States, and he’s got some muscle memory on his third indictment on how to manage the PR of it,” Griffin said.

“I was struck by how many of his allies came to his defense with a very, you know, clearly coordinated message and pushback, and people who I consider credible people like Sen. Tim Scott, whose praise I’m always singing on this show, saying it’s the weaponization of the Justice Department.”

“Our country is split down the middle on this,” she added. “It is a dark day for the country, but accountability needs to happen in the court of justice.”

The indictment shows every White House attorney and Trump’s own attorney general told him there was no legal way for him to remain in office past Jan. 20, but Griffin noted the former president then brought in outside lawyers who were willing to help him carry out a scheme to overturn his election loss.

“What his defense will be in this is, basically, it’s a free speech case,” Griffin said. “You have the right, the protected right, to lie in this country but it’s not about speech, it’s the conduct that followed the lies he told. It’s trying to obstruct Congress, it’s trying to deny 81 million people their votes. I think it’s very strong. I’d encourage anyone to read the full indictment, it’s not that long and easy to digest.”

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