‘Am I wrong?’ Cop defends himself on bodycam video after setting K-9 on Black man

<div>'Am I wrong?' Cop defends himself on bodycam video after setting K-9 on Black man</div>

An Ohio police officer who was fired for releasing a police dog on a Black man seemingly defended his actions in body camera footage of the July 4 incident, NBC News reported.

The video shows Circleville Police Department Officer Ryan Speakman sic a police dog on Jadarrius Rose, who was pulled over because his semi-truck was missing a mud flap.

As soon as Speakman arrived on the scene, he shouted “get on the f—— ground or I’m gonna send the dog,” the footage shows.

“You’re gonna get the f—— dog sic. Get on the ground or you’re gonna get bit,” he shouted before warning Rose two more times and saying, “Final chance, you’re gonna get bit,” before unleashing the dog.

The dog can then be seen biting into Rose’s arm, causing the 23-year-old to scream and beg for officers to call off the dog.

Another video released by the State Highway Patrol shows Rose with his hands in the air before the dog was released – while a trooper can be heard warning Speakman not to release the dog.

Later in the video, Speakman can be heard explaining himself.

“I don’t know why they seem, like, pissed off at me,” Speakman tells another officer, who responds: “I don’t know.”

“He didn’t comply,” Speakman said. “I gave him three commands. I told him, ‘Final warning. If you don’t get on the ground you’re going to get the dog.'”

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“I don’t know why they seem mad at me for,” he said. “He wasn’t complying. I mean, am I wrong?”

“No,” the other officer replied.

The incident began after Rose failed to stop when a Motor Carrier Enforcement inspector with the State Highway Patrol tried to stop him over the missing rear flap. Rose was reportedly on the phone with 911, saying he was afraid police were going to kill him.

“I did that the last time and all of them had their guns pointed at me. You think I feel safe?” the caller who was reported to be Rose said.

Police say he was ordered to get out of the vehicle several times. When he finally did exit the vehicle, he not comply when he was told to “get down on the ground.”

He was charged with failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, which is a fourth-degree felony.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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