‘Let’s see if Donald shows up’: Trump deposition date set in $500M Michael Cohen defamation case

‘Let’s see if Donald shows up’: Trump deposition date set in 0M Michael Cohen defamation case

A date has been set for Donald Trump to be deposed in a $500 million defamation lawsuit the former president filed earlier this year against his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Cohen in a text message to Raw Story on Monday said Trump’s deposition is scheduled for Sept. 6.

“Finally received the date for Donald to be deposed in the Southern District Miami $500 million dollar retaliatory lawsuit against me,” Cohen said.

“Let’s see if Donald shows up on September 6, 2023 for the deposition!”

Trump in April filed the lawsuit in federal court in Florida alleging his former attorney spread false information about the former president and that his public statements, books and media appearances breached his contract.

Cohen in May sought to have the case dismissed, calling it an “abusive act of pure retaliation and witness intimidation.”

Trump’s lawsuit also alleges that Cohen damaged the former president’s reputation by calling the former president “racist,” but Cohen’s lawyers questioned whether anything he could have said that would have “moved the needle” on public perceptions of the former president, Reuters reports.