‘An exercise in futility’: Trump fake electors furious over being ‘duped’ by his people

<div>'An exercise in futility': Trump fake electors furious over being 'duped' by his people</div>

In interviews with USA Today, a bevy of conservatives who are either under investigation or are facing election fraud charges for participating in a fake elector plot, lashed out at associates of Donald Trump for getting them into the mess they are in.

With the report noting that Trump’s legal advisers came up with the idea of getting former vice president Mike Pence to reject Electoral College votes from states that supported Biden and hand them to Trump, some of those electors are now stating they were ‘duped,” with one admitting he knew it was an “exercise in futility.”

Case in point, Kelly Ruh of Wisconsin, who was a Trump 2020 delegate, stated she was “pissed” at how she was treated after being forced to leave her job to return to the state Capitol.

“I was not expecting to prevail in the courts and was obviously pissed that I would be using a personal day off to go and complete that process,” she complained.

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Shawn Still, an alternate elector from Georgia who is now a state senator, explained, “It’s like when you have the Super Bowl, you print T-shirts, both teams as being the winner, and you keep the T-shirts for the ones that were the winner and you throw away the ones that weren’t. As far as we knew, this was an exercise in futility and that the only ballots that were counted were the ones for Biden.”

“Some organizers and participants felt misled by Trump aides,” USA Today is reporting. “One of the Michigan electors, Michele Lundgren, who was slated to be a Trump elector if he won the race, told WDIV-TV she was ‘duped‘ by a Trump lawyer into participating in the meeting of alternate electors.”

Lundgren explained, “I was an innocent little bystander in this whole thing, thinking I was doing my civic duty.”

Robert Sinners, Georgia’s state director of election day operations, also feels he was suckered by Trump’s legal team.

“But I know my intent was never to be aligned with team crazy,” he recalled. “I am angry because I think in a sense, you know, no one really cared if people were potentially putting themselves in jeopardy.”

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