Josh Hawley: Latest Trump Charges Are All About Hunter Biden

Sen. Josh Hawley cited Hunter Biden’s stalled plea deal as the reason new charges were dropped in the Mar-a-Lago stolen classified documents case Thursday. Never mind that just a few hours earlier, before those charges were made public, a Fox News “civil rights attorney” claimed Hunter Biden’s stalled plea deal was so incriminating it scared special prosecutor Jack Smith out of indicting Donald Trump, albeit in the Jan. 6th case.

Insurrectionist coward Hawley used his Fox News platform to pretend he cares about the rule of law in order to directly attack it. It’s all a prelude to destroy our current Department of Justice and replace it with a department of MAGA loyalists. Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann has predicted an all-out assault on our system of justice would be the overwhelming response to Trump’s indictment in the J6 case but Hawley was off to an earlier start.

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