Ex-FBI official red flags Walt Nauta’s suspicious outdoor meeting after refusal to enter Mar-a-Lago

<div>Ex-FBI official red flags Walt Nauta's suspicious outdoor meeting after refusal to enter Mar-a-Lago</div>

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Katie Phang Show,” Peter Strzok, who previously served as the Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, drew attention to a notation in the Department of Justice’s superseding indictment related to the Mar-a-Lago stolen documents case about the activities of Donald Trump aide Walt Nauta.

Invited on to discuss the latest DOJ filing about which he said, “It just got a lot worse for Trump,” the former FBI official pointed out a meeting that Nauta conducted on a property adjacent to Trump’s Florida resort and said it should raise red flags.

As he told the host, “Nauta was at one, point scheduled to travel with the president. He canceled that without telling anybody. He remade plans to travel instead down to Mar-a-Lago, and he’s telling people about it using ‘shush’ emojis.”

“Then the superseding indictment lays out some fascinating detail,” he continued. “He goes down over the weekend and he starts engaging in communications and back-and-forth with [Mar-A-Lago property manager Carlos] de Oliveira including a weekend, or I think it was actually a Monday meeting after a lot of back-and-forth where Nauta parks at an adjacent property.”

“He doesn’t even go on to Mar-a-Lago and de Oliveira goes out, goes through some bushes to meet with him, goes back in and goes back out a second time to meet with Nauta,” he elaborated. “Now, what were they talking about? The indictment doesn’t specify. But any time you see the sort of odd behavior, where someone is deliberately taking measures not to go into Mar-a-Lago, with now two charged co-conspirators, one, it is a really compelling, dramatic narrative for a jury. But certainly, it kind of raises the question: what was so important that Walt Nauta was there over the weekend, was engaging in these meetings, but was absolutely unwilling to go to the Mar-a-Lago property?”

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