‘Dead to rights’: Ex-prosecutor slams Trump’s ‘bumbling’ docs conspiracy

<div>'Dead to rights': Ex-prosecutor slams Trump's 'bumbling' docs conspiracy</div>

The purported conspiracy to obstruct investigators Donald Trump is accused of is a “bumbling” one, according to a former prosecutor.

Harry Litman appeared on MSNBC on Friday night and was asked by the host about the superseding indictment accusing Trump of a scheme to delete security footage of people moving boxes at Mar-a-Lago. Trump earlier in the day lashed out against the new charges, claiming he voluntarily gave up the tapes and that nothing was deleted “in any way.”

“It’s a ham-handed conspiracy, and they are dead to rights,” he said. “I’m sure if the United States said look, if you will testify, just tell the truth about this 24 minute conversation, for example … they would be looking at no jail time, no charges at all.”

So far, Litman said, the two Trump aides are “staying loyal” to Trump against their own personal interests. But they are tailor-made to flip, the analyst noted.

“But it’s terrible personal advice for them, and you have to imagine that a lawyer, it’s technically possible, but you just wonder, are they giving them the full advice in their self interest?” he added. “Because it doesn’t point in the direction that they currently seem to be pursuing.”

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