British Expats Buy Their Dream Italian Home – That They Can’t Live In

In Italy, it’s possible to buy very cheap properties for little to no money because the old homes require extensive repairs. Rural Italy also has a rapidly declining population so in some villages there are even more incentives for foreigners to buy. This British couple thought they’d bought the perfect home for their retirement, but forgot about Brexit, meaning that the UK was no longer part of the EU. That meant a whole host of issues that they didn’t bother to find out about first.

Source: iNews (UK)

ROME – A British couple in their sixties have bought a bargain €15,000 (£13,000) three-bedroom house in Italy for their retirement – but they cannot get a visa to live in it because of post-Brexit travel rules.

Greg Walter, from Winchester, says he voted for Brexit, but now feels betrayed.

“We were told Brexit was not going to impact our life abroad, that it would be just a matter of formality,” Mr Walter, who used to work in construction, told i.

“People who had second homes in Europe, or planned to buy one, were never given the correct information on the vote outcome.”

So what’s the issue?

“When we first applied last August we were confident that our savings and bank accounts, which amounted to roughly £85,000, would be more than enough,” Ms Appleton told i.

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