Trump Not Taking Charges Well: Lock Up The ‘Thug Prosecutors’

Donald Trump isn’t taking the news very well that Special Counsel Jack Smith added more charges against the former President and two of his employees. Trump is now facing 40 criminal counts in the classified documents case after prosecutors added claims that Trump pushed to delete surveillance footage at Mar-a-Lago and willfully retained an additional sensitive document.

So, of course, he’s lashing out at his Trump Social platform. He wants Smith, his prosecutors, Garland, and Lisa Monaco locked up; that’s all!

“They ought to throw Deranged Jack Smith and his Thug Prosecutors in jail, with Meritless Garland and Trump Hating Lisa Monaco. They have totally Weaponized the Department of Injustice,” he wrote. “Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Boxes Case? Why was Hillary Clinton allowed to delete 33,000 emails, many of them Classified, AFTER getting a Subpoena from Congress? Why was Bill Clinton allowed to take tapes out of the W.H. in his socks? Why has no other President ever been charged? ELECTION FRAUD!”

Former President Bill Clinton kept audiotapes of when he was interviewed dozens of times by historian Taylor Branch to create an oral history of his presidency from 1993 to 2001. The two cases are entirely different, and Trump kept documents next to the shitter in his bathroom.

Very “fine people.”

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