Trump lashes out at ‘deranged Jack Smith’ in first post since new charges in docs case

<div>Trump lashes out at 'deranged Jack Smith' in first post since new charges in docs case</div>

Donald Trump on Thursday took to Truth Social to lash out at President Joe Biden and special counsel Jack Smith after the latter brought additional charges against the former president in the so-called Mar-a-Lago classified documents case.

Smith, who had already accused Trump of improperly retaining certain documents, further alleged in the lawsuit that Trump was part of a cover-up after he had his aides move boxes of documents around, and away from the DOJ.

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Instead of addressing the new allegations, Trump lashed out at Biden, repeating many debunked narratives as he went on.

“Whatever happened to the Crooked Joe Biden Document’s case? He had 20 times more Boxes than I did, and he wasn’t covered by the Presidential Records Act. I was!” Trump wrote Thursday. “When it first came out that Biden had all of these Docs, many Classified, almost everyone, including those on the Left, said, ‘there goes the case against Trump.’ But they waited and waited, got failed prosecutor Deranged Jack Smith, and STRUCK – but did almost nothing on the REALLY BAD Biden Documents case, many stored in Chinatown!”