Obstructing at ‘every turn’: Ex-FBI agent reveals Trump’s ‘pattern’ of thwarting authorities

<div>Obstructing at 'every turn': Ex-FBI agent reveals Trump's 'pattern' of thwarting authorities</div>

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok said Friday that the extent of the efforts to which Donald Trump tried to conceal evidence in the classified documents as described in Thursday’s superseding indictment against the former president was “astounding”

Strzok during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline White House with Nicole Wallace” suggested there was some irony in the former president claiming to be the victim of political persecution after the rhetoric he used against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

“When my team and I were investigating Hillary Clinton in 2016, literally Donald Trump could not stop talking about the server, and her, and then you know we hear now that he was telling his folks to delete the server,” Strzok said.

“It’s like clear there’s a Hollywood writer strike because the script has just jumped the shark,” he added. “The cognitive dissonance between everything he said is remarkable.”

But what really stood out to Strzok was ‘just how broad the obstructive behavior” described in the superseding indictment is.

“He was obstructing allegedly at every turn. Playing games with the National Archives, playing games with the inventory, moving boxes around telling his attorney with his own Tyrannosaurus rex hands to pluck the classified out of the boxes. Calling …one of those workers saying, ‘hey, you know, are you with me? I’ll get you an attorney telling Walt Nauta he’ll get him an attorney,” Strzok said.

“This isn’t just one obstructive act. It is a pattern of all these different things. Statements, financial inducements, time and time and time again. And so one, how broad that is, is stunning. And then two, this isn’t new behavior. This is the way, to go back to the Muller report and look at the way he behaved about trying to shut the investigation down.

“His pattern of obstruction is broad has been long running and it’s finally caught up with him, but it’s just astounding to see it laid out in this new document.”

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