Melania Trump was reportedly poised to dump Donald as aides pondered mass resignation: former official

Melania Trump was reportedly poised to dump Donald as aides pondered mass resignation: former official

According to Miles Taylor who served in Donald Trump’s administration as chief of staff in the Department of Homeland Security, a “surprising” name popped up in 2018 as some close aides to the now-former president were giving thought to resigning en masse.

Based on Taylor’s recently published tell-all book “Blowback,” senior officials in the Trump administration were unhappy with his divisive border policy, reports Newsweek.

As Taylor wrote, discussion about the revolt led one insider to bring up the first lady.

“A surprising name came up: First Lady Melania Trump,” he wrote. “I didn’t press for further details, but one attendee asserted that FLOTUS would actually consider leaving her husband if enough key officials quit.”

Taylor explained that Trump’s “wanting to turn away all asylum seekers, weighing the throwing of tear gas at migrants at border crossings ‘to make people feel like their skin was on fire, and even shooting those illegally entering the United States,” was at the center of the turmoil.

“I made my position clear. A mass resignation would be a powerful statement about Trump’s behavior. It would be impossible for Republicans — and the country — to look away if Trump’s top lieutenants left in a blaze of glory,” Taylor wrote, with Newsweek reporting he admitted in a phone call on Thursday that he had little to no interactions with Trump’s third wife.

Speaking with Newsweek, he stated, “I found it very interesting at the time that someone had suggested that they had spoken to Melania and felt like there was a chance she would leave her husband if there was the right moment. I don’t personally know what undergirds their relationship.”

He added, “There were a lot of suggestions behind the scenes in the administration, not just outward commentary, but in the administration that there was some sort of contractual obligation Melania had to Trump — and when he got elected there was a renegotiation.”

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