Medicare Advantage Is A Scam

Democratic U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday joined senior citizens, people with disabilities, and healthcare campaigners at a Capitol Hill press conference to kick off a week of action demanding Congress move to stop abuses by so-called Medicare Advantage programs peddled by profiteering insurance companies and “reclaim Medicare.”

“We are here to raise the alarm about Medicare Advantage. We are here to protect our Medicare,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said to robust applause.

“This year, for the very first time, more than half of all beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage instead of traditional Medicare,” she continued. “But Medicare Advantage substitutes private insurance companies for traditional Medicare coverage, and that private coverage is failing both Medicare beneficiaries and taxpayers.”

“It’s all about the money,” Warren said. “Private insurers are in Medicare Advantage to play games to extract more money from the government.”

“Experts estimate that Medicare Advantage insurers will receive more than $75 billion in overpayments this year alone, and that’s the real punch to the gut,” she continued. “Not only do Medicare Advantage insurers rip off the government, they routinely deny care to patients who need it.”

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