Leading American neo-Nazi embroiled in bizarre extremist feud with right-wing satanic sect: report

Leading American neo-Nazi embroiled in bizarre extremist feud with right-wing satanic sect: report

A leading figurehead of the modern neo-Nazi movement in America is reportedly feuding with a Satanic neo-Nazi cell that has been linked to violence and pedophilia, VICE News reported.

The cell, known as the Order of Nine Angles, “is a splinter group from a splinter group of the infamous neo-Nazi terror organization Atomwaffen. According to propaganda photos published by this specific cell, they don’t seem to be much larger than three people,” according to Vice.

The Satanic neo-Nazis published a new version of notorious Nazi James Mason 1980s manifesto, labeling it the “666 edition,” in which the editor claims to have gotten to know Mason personally and denounces him as a meeker version of his previous self.

Mason responded by publishing a video called “Satanic Expose,” in which he accuses the group of being a front for the FBI.

“We here call it the ‘federal edition’ because of its high quality, hardback, coded stock, color throughout… most impressive!” he said.

“Not only that, I initially heard this was (a) $100 volume, and I can believe it, but I’m told now they’re giving it away,” he says in the video. “Most odd, who has that kind of money? That’s why we call it the federal edition. The feds do good work.”

The cell responded with a blog post calling Mason “the high priest of deceleration James ‘don’t do it’ Mason” and accusing him of being all talk and no action, to which Mason responded with another video where he rants against the group and talks about his history as a neo-Nazi and the actions he’s taken.

Counter Extremism Project analyst Josh Fisher-Birch says that Mason’s frantic response to the cell’s attacks shows he’s worried about being perceived as soft.

“It suggests that Mason does not want to be seen as someone who would never advocate violence in any circumstance,” said Fisher-Birch. “It gives Mason an out to avoid responsibility and tries to confer all agency on the hypothetical perpetrator. Mason is, of course, speaking to an audience where certain members do certainly believe in the use of violence.”

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