Jack Smith had ‘almost no choice’ but to refute Trump’s lies about Iran doc: ex-colleague

<div>Jack Smith had 'almost no choice' but to refute Trump's lies about Iran doc: ex-colleague</div>

A former Jack Smith colleague said Friday that the special counsel had “no choice” but to charge Donald Trump in connection with the Iran attack plans document.

Karen Friedman Agnifilo, who worked with Smith in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, said during an appearance on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” that “You have to ask yourself, why was this not charged in the first place? Right?”

“Clearly they have this document and we know that Jack Smith recovered over 100 classified documents when they executed the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, and they chose 31 of those documents to put in the indictment. And the question is, why is it that they now include it?”

Friedman Agnifilo suggested a reason for the initial decision to hold back on charging the document was because the prosecutors didn’t believe they could prove the willful intent element, or that the document was so sensitive in nature the intelligence community didn’t want it to surface in court proceedings.

Friedman Agnifilo said it also could have been Trump’s own words that compelled him to prosecute the former president in connection with the document.

“But Trump when he went on Fox News and denied the existence of this document and claimed that it was just magazine papers or clippings, it was just the paper. The document didn’t exist. He almost gave Jack Smith no choice but to go to the intelligence community and get permission to put this in the indictment and show that Trump is just lying,” Friedman Agnifilo said.

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