‘If this doesn’t get his attention, nothing will’: GOP candidate on new Trump charges

<div>'If this doesn't get his attention, nothing will': GOP candidate on new Trump charges</div>

Longshot Republican presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson on Friday called the newest charges against Donald Trump “extraordinarily problematic” for the former president’s legal team.

The former Arkansas governor during an appearance on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” told guest host Jim Sciutto that superseding indictment alleging the former president willfully retained an Iran attack plan document “serious upon serious.”

“You of course are a former federal prosecutor, in your experience, does someone discuss deleting evidence, if they’re not concerned there was evidence of a crime?” Sciutto asked Hutchinson.

“No, of course not. And that’s why the whole issue goes to intent,” Hutchinson said.

“Not only is it a separate crime, but directing someone to delete something of evidentiary value that you know, the grand jury wants, is a crime, but it also goes to the intent and knowledge that he’s had criminal conduct, and so this is serious upon serious.”

“The first indictment obviously was as serious as it gets and then here you have a superseding indictment that adds another level of seriousness and this should be really; it takes a lot to get Donald Trump’s attention on criminal cases but if this doesn’t get his attention, nothing will and so it’s all going to take more time and the accusations are extraordinarily problematic for his defense team.”

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