GOP Lawmaker Drunk Rages At Teenaged Senate Pages

On Wednesday night, some of the high school-aged Senate pages were spending their last night in the rotunda of the Capital Building, taking pictures of the beautiful ceiling.

At the same time, Representative Derrick Van Orden (Q – Wisconsin) decided to go on a late night bender, then taking his party guests on a late night tour of the Capital. When the tourists encountered the kids, Van Orden went on a drunken tirade and began verbally abusing the pages, per a report from Punchbowl News.

We obtained a transcript of Rep. Van Orden cursing out Senate pages overnight in the Capitol Rotunda. The account was taken by a page who wrote down the remarks minutes after the incident:

— Al Weaver (@alweaver22) July 27, 2023

Another reporter shared a picture of Van Orden’s office, showing beer cans and booze bottles and said that there were reports that they weren’t exactly conducting themselves with decorum:

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