FTC Expected To Challenge Amazon With Antitrust Lawsuit

I knew Lina Khan was an antitrust badass (after all, that’s why Republicans tried to block her nomination), but I wasn’t sure she could make the kind of massive change happen that we need in D.C. The Federal Trade Commission is finalizing its long-rumored antitrust lawsuit against Amazon, sources told Politico, a move that could ultimately break up parts of the company. Via Politico:

The FTC has been investigating the company on a number of fronts, and the coming case would be one of the most aggressive and high-profile moves in the Biden administration’s rocky effort to tame the power of tech giants. The wide-ranging lawsuit is expected as soon as August, and will likely challenge a host of Amazon’s business practices, said the people, who were granted anonymity to discuss a confidential matter. If successful, it could lead to a court-ordered restructuring of the $1.3 trillion empire and define the legacy of FTC Chair Lina Khan.

Khan rose to prominence as a Big Tech skeptic with a 2017 academic paper specifically identifying Amazon as a modern monopolist needing to be reined in. Because any case will likely take years to wind through the courts, the final result will rest with her successors.

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