‘Clearly a loser’: Joyce Vance trashes Trump’s latest ploy to manipulate Judge Cannon

<div>'Clearly a loser': Joyce Vance trashes Trump's latest ploy to manipulate Judge Cannon</div>

Reacting to Donald Trump’s request to be able to review top secret documents related to his federal indictment in a non-secure environment, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance claimed it should be a non-starter for U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen Cannon who is likely aware it yet another stalling tactic.

Writing on her Substack platform, Vance pointed to a motion made by special counsel Jack Smith to make sure the documents are protected from prying eyes up to and during the former president’s trial in a Florida courtroom and pointed out that Cannon has been trying to get Trump’s lawyers and the Department of Justice to reach a compromise.

As she explained, Trump doesn’t want the inconvenience of having to revisit the documents that are central to his now 40-count indictment in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) by complaining it will interfere with his 2024 GOP presidential nomination campaign.

As she wrote, “He wants to be able to see it in the comfort of his own home. Trump still doesn’t get he’s not going to receive special treatment, unless Judge Aileen Cannon gives it to him. If she does on this point, look for Jack Smith to appeal immediately and win. Trump’s request flies in the face of clearly established law on handling classified documents—not exactly a shocker given the nature of this prosecution.”

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She then added that Trump’s complaint, like many he has made, was done in bad faith as he attempts to drag the trial out even farther.

“Trump is making this argument, not because he thinks it’s a good one—it’s clearly a loser. He’s making it to set up an argument down the road that the trial has to be delayed even further,” she explained. “Judge Aileen Cannon, if past is prologue, may fall for it. But the argument is tone deaf, a real failure to read the room, or at least the Special Counsel’s office.”

She then predicted, “Donald Trump, self-described victim, has met Jack Smith, career prosecutor. And Smith isn’t buying it.”

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