‘A lot of ego and narcissism’: GOP Governor explains why Trump is running again

<div>'A lot of ego and narcissism': GOP Governor explains why Trump is running again</div>

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu on Friday shot down the suggestion that Donald Trump is running for president as way to avoid legal accountability, calling it a narcissistic endeavor.

Sununu during an appearance on CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlan Collins” said Trump’s candidacy was about nothing more than “a lot of ego and narcissism.”

His remarks followed Collins’ question over whether Trump was “running to protect himself from his mounting legal challenges.”

“Honestly, does that play into it? No, I don’t think so,” Sununu said.

“I think it’s just a whole lot of ego. I think it’s a whole lot of an empty suit ego at this point. He’s up in the polls. He wants to kind of garner public opinion to his side because that’s what he lives on. That’s his. That’s what he thrives on. That’s the gas in his tank, so to say, but it’s not about the future of this country. It’s sure not about the future of this party. So I don’t know, I guess everyone has their own their own theories on it. But for me, it just looks like a lot of ego and narcissism was not a lot behind it.”

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